Delhi Nursing Council
Delhi Nursing Act, 1997 (Delhi Act No.3 of 1999)

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An Autonomous Statutory Registration Body
(Govt. of NCT of Delhi)

  Regulation of Nursing Programs

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  • A school for training of the ANMS should be located in a community Health Centre (PHC annexe) or a Rural Hospital (RH) having minimum bed strength of 30 and maximum 50 and serving an area with community health programmes. The school should also be affiliated to a district hospital or a secondary care hospital in order to provide experiences of secondary level health care and an extensive gynae-obstertical care.

  • An organization having a hospital with 150 beds with minimum 30-50 obstetrics and gynecology beds, and 100 delivery cases monthly can also open ANM school. The should also have an affiliation of PHC/CHC for the community Health Nursing field experience.

  • Existing ANM schools attached to District Hospitals should have PHC annexe (accommodation facility for 20-30 students) for community health field experience.

 Physical Facilities
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Nutrition laboratory 1
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  Clinical Facilities
  • School has to be affiliated to district hospital or a secondary care hospital with minimum 150 beds.
  • Bed occupancy on the average to be between 60% -70%.
  Teaching facility - Teaching faculty for 20-40 annual admission:

Minimum qualification and experience


M.Sc. Nursing with 3 years of teaching experience or B.Sc(N) with 5 years of teaching experience.

Nursing Tutor

B.Sc.Nursing/Diploma in Nursing Education & Administration/Diploma in Public Health Nursing with 2 years clinical experience.


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