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Delhi Nursing Act, 1997 (Delhi Act No.3 of 1999)

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An Autonomous Statutory Registration Body
(Govt. of NCT of Delhi)

  Additional Qualification Procedure

GST 18% will be applicable on the on fees/services of the Delhi Nursing Council w.e.f 12th August 2023

Click Here for Additional Qualification Instructions.

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Procedure for Additional Qualification (P.BSc, MSc.)

  1. Write and upload an application addressed to the Registrar of the Delhi Nursing on a plain paper quoting your address, Tel No. and Registration No. of Delhi Nursing Council.

  2. Photocopies (duly attested) of all years mark sheet issued by council/Exam Board/Universities, obtained from recognized nursing institute

  3. Photocopies (duly attested) of Degree.

  4. Address Proof of the nursing training institute from where the training is obtained.

  5. Duly attested Photocopy (front and back) of Delhi Nursing Council registration Certificate.

  6. Copy of your Aadhaar Card is MANDATORY with application form.

  7. Two recent frontal view passport size photographs on white background with hair tied neatly at the back.

  8. Payment of Rs.1000/- for P.Bsc. and M.Sc.
    P.S. The Council takes Fifteen to Thirty days to issue the additional qualification certificate.

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